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Health Information Administrator

Every treatment made to a patient in a hospital requires a record of what is observed and administered. The Health Information Administrator manages the medical record departments in hospitals and other health care organizations. Maintenance and organization of the records (which can be typed or more often computerized), along with the supervision of personnel who make use of the records, are responsibilities of the Health Information Administrator. Duties vary with the size of the facility.

Salary Range:

$54,200 to $84,400

Education/Professional Requirements:

To become a RHIA (Registered Health Information Administrator) one must earn a baccalaureate degree from an accredited Health Information Administration program and pass the national exam to be an RHIA.


School Name Length Degree City State
University of Alabama at Birmingham - Department of Health Services Administration 5 semesters master's degree Birmingham AL
Alabama State University 4 years bachelor's degree Montgomery AL

Professional Organizations:

Name Phone Number
American Health Information Management Association 312-233-1100